Fun things to do with and without a date this Feb

January 03, 2019

1. Spin Spin Sugar  -  This is Spin Class to the max! With flashing lights, a rising stage for the instructor, smoke and the most amazing sound system.  You’ll feel like you’re in a 2-story night club in Ibiza, but getting your sweat on for all the right reasons.  This is a workout and it’s tough but you will have so much fun along the ride.

5 Allington Street, London, Westminster, SW1E 5BX

2. Get the money shot - We mean darts of course. This old-school game has just been modernised. Check out Fightclub. Darts with friends, fun atmosphere and they serve food too. The best bit, we all love to play but hate doing the maths … they do the counting for you. There’s no need for drinking as your aim will be even sharper.

3. Try skateboarding - Dreams of being a hipster, or just an adult that doesn’t break their hip?!  Visit The House of Vans, a free community space below the arches of Waterloo station. They have free learn-to-skate sessions for all ages and they give you all the gear. If you bottle it, there’s also a free cinema room showing a wide range of films.

Arches 228-232, Station Approach Road, Waterloo SE1

4. Well shuffle

Shuffle-board sounds like something your great nan did in the 1920s. The phenomenon was popular on transatlantic cruise ships back in the day, so naturally this hipster Shoreditch venue has made it cool again in the twenty-first century. This spot secured a permanent home on Ebor Street after a series of pop-ups. The aim of the game is to push dishes down long wooden boards using a long fork (also known as a tang) and hit certain targets to gain points. It’s highly addictive stuff and you’ll be too engrossed in shuffling to notice you don’t have a cocktail in hand. 

4 Ebor St, E1 6AW,

5. Hey Mr DJ - Become a DJ is a studio offering a wide range of courses in both DJ’ing and music production with a focus on electronic music.  It doesn’t have to be a career path, if you just fancy exploring a new hobby.  While everyone else is drinking and dancing to your beats, you can keep sober, social and focused on the perfect mix.  You can even book a free session as a taster.

6 Shepherds Bush Rd, W6 7PJ

6. What’s cooking good looking?  -  Foodat52 is the mecca of cookery courses. You can choose from Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Moroccan and Southern Indian among others. Multiple classes are offered each month and they have ‘half day’ classes perfect for an after-work simmer down.

96 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ

7. Bejewelled - Didn’t get that ring this Christmas ... f*ck it and make your own.  For beginners, get started with simple metal work and learn all you need about the basics of making rings, earrings, bracelets. If you want to work in real metals – gold, silver, etc you’ll get the experience of going to the shops and ordering all the raw materials you need with the guidance of your teacher.


Unit 18, Sunbury Workshops, Swansfield Street, London, E2 7LF

8. One night stand - This does not need to be the only way you can see a naked body this January. Book into a Life Drawing Class. Don’t be intimidated, embarrassed or shy.  These classes are beginner-friendly and once the robe drops it all feels perfectly normal. They supply the materials so just sit back and sketch.  You may be a terrible artist but it’s amazing to learn about the human form, angles and proportions … hey you may even surprise yourself with the end result. There’s so many across London so check out Time Out’s list here.

9. Plan Ahead - Even if you are not a planner and feel spontaneity is the coolest way to roll, think about this … we have two bank holidays close together which mean you can turn nine days holiday into 18!  Here’s how, focus on Easter and the fact that the first May Bank holiday is quite early.  Book Friday April 19 – Monday May 6, 2019 off.  This is because Friday April 19, Monday April 22 and Monday May 6 are all bank holidays. The rest are all weekends.  So you book off April 23-26, 29-30, May 1-3.  Armed with this info, what are you going to book … start looking and get your request in first at work.

10. Sofar Sounds - You go to a busy gig in a huge venue with sticky floors where you have to drink yourself silly to properly get into the vibe.  How about enjoying live music in someone’s house, sitting on the floor and chatting with strangers while they listen to up and coming musicians.  Sign up to receive updates and secret locations are revealed the day before the event. It’s BYOB so go ahead and bring something soft and sit back and enjoy.