Do I need a cleanse?

December 28, 2016

There are a number of articles in the popular press about the benefits of drinking cold pressed raw plants and we would wholeheartedly agree that an abundance of live vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in carefully selected organic plants are highly beneficial and a welcome addition to any diet.

However, at Botanic Lab, we approach cleansing from a slightly different angle. The concept of digestive rest and the benefits that is can bestow on the body deserve due consideration.

“It’s all a fad, there is no need to detox…”

Some detractors of the process of cleansing site the fact that the function of the liver is to “detox” the body on a daily basis and therefore it would seem obsolete to purge your body of toxins by drinking cold pressed plants.

We wouldn’t disagree with that view if it wasn’t for the fact that you can help your organs to do this more efficiently by creating an adequate and fertile environment for this process to be carried out and even accelerated. Your body knows how to restore homeostasis and if you have a varied diet, it should be pretty efficient at doing so.

So ”why cleanse at all?” we hear you say

Fasting and various diets recommending calorie restriction have been used in ALL cultures and traditions since recorded times. It has been a respected ritual that has proven to withstand the test of time. Animals also often just stop eating altogether or eat grass when facing an illness. The widespread nature of this practice suggests it’s an adaptive response that is natural and sane.

Medical science is also starting to slowly discover the benefits of episodic fasting. Periodically avoiding the hormonal rushes that come with the ingestion of highly processed foods is increasingly recommended in order to give the body a break from the way in which these foods confuse and excite our biology. After a period of consuming high amounts of processed foods or food that requires heavy digestive work (like red meat) a short period of fasting can provide a welcome rest to the digestive system.

“Hormesis what”?

Hormesis is the concept that small and usually intermittent exposure to stressors (calorie restriction in this case) will cause a beneficial or stimulatory effect where a much higher exposure of the same stressor will cause an adverse or inhibitory effect on our metabolism.  In the case of a juice cleanse, the dietary restrictions and exposure to small amounts of live and rare phytochemicals contained in raw vegetables will enable a response by the body’s immune system to cleanse and self-heal.

In sports, for example, applying the concept of hormesis would be lifting heavy weights periodically and for a short length of time to strengthen the bones, but not on a regular basis since that would be too stressful.

A helping hand from nature

An example of blood cleansing and circulation enhancing phytochemicals that are critical for promoting detoxification would be: capsaicin from cayenne, curcumin from turmeric, nitrates in beetroot or chlorophyll in parsley, matcha and spinach, to name just a few you would probably recognise (and are included in our cleanse program).

We believe that a weekly or monthly juice cleanse of 24 hours is an ideal health maintenance measure, as are periodic cleanses of three days. This type of regular food restriction has been shown in research to produce very significant health benefits. These benefits reach far beyond adaptation to a decreased calorie intake and include stimulation of the immune system, readjusting the palate towards fresh produce and providing an optimum environment for the body to repair and rejuvenate. It's also a healthy ritual to counterbalance the monotony of your usual diet. Mix it up!!

We know that the thought of cleansing can be scary, and that some of the time you feel like you’ve barely made it out alive.  We believe that the experience should be as enjoyable as the outcome. That’s why our programs are uniquely designed to make your cleanse a satisfying ritual, using only the finest organic ingredients, in combinations that are sensually stimulating as well as nutritionally considered.
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