Time for a cleanse?

October 06, 2017




After the summer period, it's common to feel like the body needs a bit of a reset and it can be a great time to carry out a short cleanse. At Botanic Lab, we approach cleansing from a slightly different angle, focusing primarily on the benefits of digestive rest and the additional benefits of the functional botanicals we include in our drinks.

The body is a sophisticated machine and when operating efficiently, it is capable of running smoothly, regenerating and repairing. However, a period of over-indulgence, a diet of refined/processed foods, pesticides in food, medication and even stress can impair the smooth running of this sophisticated piece of machinery. Our gut is a sensitive organism and can easily be imbalanced with all these alien invasions.  

Whilst our gut is being upset by these uninvited intruders, our best friend, the liver is hard at work trying to detoxify everything we've ingested to provide fuel for the body. Overloading with alcohol, refined foods and fats, makes its job more difficult.

'Give the guys a break'

When we look at it in this context it makes sense to give the body a REST, right?

By eliminating common trigger foods (gluten, dairy, sugar) and consuming a phytonutrient rich array of fresh raw juice the body is given a well deserved period of respite. Raw juice is assimilated quickly through the intestine, requiring less energy to process, thus allowing the digestive system and the liver a break from all the heavy digestive work it does on a daily basis.

Some key ingredients and botanicals in our carefully selected cleanse program include: burdock root - a powerful liver support: turmeric - nature's most potent anti-inflammatory; beetroot - a powerful blood cleanser; not to mention the chlorphyll dense parsley and spinach that form the basis of Botanic1, our green juice.

If you're worried about protein intake or the absence of something warming, we also have a Cleanse + Bone Broth option. Organic Bone Broth is one of the best sources of protein and, rich in collagen, amino acids, electrolytes and minerals, offers deep healing and nourishment for the gut and intestine.








A weekly or monthly juice cleanse of 24 hours is an easy health maintenance measure, as are periodic cleanses of three days. This type of regular food restriction has been shown in research to produce very significant health benefits. These benefits reach far beyond adaptation to a decreased calorie intake and include stimulation of the immune system, readjusting the palate towards fresh produce and providing an optimum environment for the body to repair and rejuvenate. It's also a healthy ritual to counterbalance the monotony of your usual diet.


Medical science is also starting to slowly discover the benefits of episodic fasting. Periodically avoiding the hormonal rushes that come with the ingestion of highly processed foods is increasingly recommended in order to give the body a break from the way in which these foods confuse and excite our biology. Fasting and rituals recommending calorie restriction have been used in many cultures and traditions since time began. The widespread nature of this practice suggests it’s an adaptive response that is natural and sane.

We know that the thought of cleansing can be scary. We believe that the experience should be as enjoyable as the outcome. That’s why our programs are uniquely designed to make your cleanse a satisfying ritual, using only the finest organic ingredients, in combinations that are sensually stimulating as well as nutritionally considered. One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is the surprise that hunger wasn't an issue.

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