Float your boat

June 12, 2015

Our superstar Tonic 2 is a versatile number.  Thanks to it's complex ingredient list (12 none the less) this little nutritional powerhouse is a potent tonic for reducing inflammation in the body and boosting immunity.  

Fiery and intense, it can be enjoyed on it's own as a tonic shot, diluted with boiling water to make a tea but our favourite by far has to be the Tonic 2 float. Our founder & chef extraordinaire Christophe Reissfelder has taken it's delectability to a new level with this simple but genius pairing.

Simply layer over ice cream (simple vanilla, lemon sorbet or coconut milk based ones like Coyo for a dairy free alternative ) and enjoy at leisure.  It also makes the perfect finale for guests when you're entertaining and can't manage to rustle up dessert.