RESET your expectations

July 08, 2015

Forget what you know: real kola from the source 

Botanic Lab explodes the cola myth with KOLA+ : the richly refreshing organic, cold-pressed kola.

This tempting addition to the pioneering Lab Range resets all expectations, rescuing authentic kola and radically re-contextualising raw juice. The outcome is a seriously stiff drink that’s at home just wherever you feel like inviting it.

A healthy drink that’s not a health-drink, KOLA+ shakes off worthy, juice-cleanse associations, emerging as a boldly sophisticated choice for anyone seeking a clean kick. Natural caffeine from kola nut and formidable Umeboshi plum (used by the Samurai to combat fatigue and promote awareness) contribute a guilt-free lift. The finish is floral, citrus and sour, picked up by the sweetness of raw cane and natural vanilla, uplifting ginger and coolly herbal shiso leaf. A complex and delicious tonic that makes a perfect alternative if you’re leaving out alcohol - or a darkly elegant mixer if you’re doing no such thing. On the other end of a night out, it’s the perfect pick-me-up to reset the system, attested by umeboshi’s long history as a renowned hangover remedy.

With citrus, ginger and raw cane in the mix, we’d be more than entitled to sermonise about vitamins and antioxidants here, but as is hopefully now apparent, that simply isn’t the point. A functional, delicious and uplifting cold-pressed tonic that belongs anywhere you please, however? That’s more like it.

Available exclusively from Botanic Lab online store and Harrods Food Hall from 8 July.