5 reasons to go sober this October


Need some extra motivation to ditch the alcohol this October? Here are the top 5 reasons for ditching the alcohol and trying something new this October.


Wake up with energy:

Aren’t we supposed to wake up with energy in the morning? Sleep is meant to restore the body and mind, right? Why do I wake up still tired exhausted or with a fuzzy brain? Well it’s not just those heavy sessions that cause you to wake up like this. Alcohol interrupts your sleep pattern so that even a few drinks can make you feel exhausted the next day. This is because it makes us spend more time in deep sleep and less time in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, which is important to restore those busy bodies and minds. Taking a break from alcohol can get you waking up feeling energised and ready to seize the day. For the full read follow this link.


Dodge the junk food:

Alcohol plays havoc with our blood sugar levels making us crave starchy or sugary foods. Even a few drinks can have an effect the night of, and even the day after, without us realising it. Meaning you’ll find yourself reaching for your favourite crisps, cakes, or processed foods with just a little less resistance. Ditching the booze will empower you make consistently healthier choices this October.


Get glowing skin:

Noticed how often you go to the loo when you are knocking back a few? That’s because alcohol is a toxin that makes you go to the loo more often as your kidneys are on overdrive to break it down. This leads to dehydration, which can cause dry and flaky skin. Picking up a non-alcoholic drink can therefore be a great alternative that leaves you hydrated and help you find your natural glow.


Squash the Mood swings:

So those first few drinks might get the conversation going and your best moves out for all to see - but alcohol is actually a depressant that interferes with your neurotransmitters, and can even reduce the levels of happiness inducing hormone serotonin into the brain. Convinced you need to try Sober October yet?


Firm up your sex life

Unfortunately, the impact of alcohol on your sex life is no myth. Too much booze over a long period of time can affect performance in the bedroom. Try a month off the booze for you and your partner and firm up that sex life.


So what now?

Millions of us are switching out the alcohol, and in the non-alcoholic soft drinks this sober October. CBD is just one of the ingredients the nation is exploring as a mood enhancing cannabinoid taken to help relieve stress and anxiety. Botanic Lab have combined CBD in their award winning drink Dutch courage with sour cherry, hibiscus and green ginger to help you find the most chilled Sober October yet.

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