5 ways to improve your mental health during lockdown

Lockdown is rolling on and the four walls seem like they’re getting smaller and smaller.  Whilst we all have a responsibility to stay at home and play our part in stopping the virus, how can you keep your spirits high and make positive mental health a priority?

1. Keep a healthy routine

You’re used to getting up, getting ready and going to work at the same time every day, right? Now that things have changed and the structure of the day feels like it’s gone out the window, keeping a routine at this time is a really positive step.

Never underestimate the power of dressing for the front room... Get ready as normal each day, exercise where you can and stick to mealtimes. Life can quickly start to feel disjointed and lacking purpose without following a routine and having small milestones throughout the day. 

Even if you’re not working, sticking to a sensible bedtime can be vital to a positive mental outlook. With more hours of sunlight in your day, you’ll be thankful you woke up in time to do your 1 hour exercise with the sun in your face!

Take control of your new routine, use it as a base that you can gradually add new things to throughout the day - this will help to keep your mood high, and your anxiety low.

2. You can still see your friends, right?

Okay you can’t leave the house and hang out with them, but you can still be social while stuck inside.

There are numerous video chat apps that make it nice and easy to catch up - we are loving Houseparty! This will help you create a sense of normalcy and connection with what is going on outside of your home and outside of the 6’oclock news. 

Nights out (or in) with friends are still on the cards, with many venues offering their own pub quizzes, DJ sets and cocktail making lessons, there is ample opportunity to hang out with mates in a virtual pub - BrewDog have even recently launched their virtual bar with live music and beer tastings. YUSS!

3. Become the chef you’ve always dreamed of being

Without the need to commute, most of us - in theory - have more time to get creative with our cooking. You’ve probably got a few unopened cookbooks kicking about, failing that there is a wealth of online recipes that you can try your hand at. Time to get that sourdough starter bubbling, or finally perfect the ultimate poached egg? 

Many chefs have taken to Instagram to help inspire and encourage cooking among their followers - Michelin Star chef Jason Atherton has a livestream on Instagram every evening called Social Kitchen Isolation. Who knows, you may come out the other side of this as the next Ainsley Harriot.

Move over Rylan, this my house now! Ready Steady Cook!

4. Exercise and find something new that works for you

We all know exercise is great for releasing those mood-lifting endorphins. Thankfully many gyms, yoga studios and other classes have moved online (god bless the internet!), and many of them are free of charge. So really we have no excuse anymore, we don’t even have to leave our living room to do a yoga class or even to try Zumba for the first time!

Lets face it, you probably won’t become a bodybuilder overnight, but if you’re newer to exercise, do it little and often and you’ll quickly notice the benefits. And for when those DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) are well and truly setting in - grab yourself some of our Botanical Drinks. Functional with adaptogenic ingredients that actively promote recovery and prep you for your next workout. We got you.

5. Relax with some CBD

Take time for yourself to relax and switch off from the constant barrage of information being sent your way. With little outside stimulus, screen time is up and many are making a conscious decision to have “screen free moments”. 

Switch off your phone, take some CBD and try to find some peace from the outside world. There have been some big changes in everyone’s life, and we can use this time to declutter our minds and refocus on what is important and that is YOU! We don’t always need to be connected to the world, have a Dutch Courage and reconnect with yourself. 

Above all, know that we’re all in this together and that if you feel you are struggling with your mental health, anxiety levels and need someone to talk to, reach out via some of the online resources such as: