Hydrolysed Collagen

November 09, 2015

Hydrolysed collagen

Collagen has long been associated with skin health in the beauty industry (skin is after all made of collagen!). But what is hydrolysed collagen and why have we put it into our latest drink, SHINE?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our human body and is the connective tissue for almost all our internal structures including: heart, lungs, arteries, discs, blood cells, skin, muscles, bones, cartilage, liver, joints, hair and nails. It derives its name from the Greek word ‘Kolla” meaning glue. As its name suggests, its presence in the fibrous tissues of ligaments, skin and muscles helps them to stay glued and firm.

Our body loses its natural capacity to produce this protein by the age of 27 (here at BL we are looking back fondly to our long gone days of collagen production!). As a result of this skin loses its elasticity and firmness with age and muscles also get prone to wear and tear.

There has been some debate as to whether ingested collagen can actually be absorbed and used by the body. This is where HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN comes in. Hydrolysed means that the collagen has gone through an enzymatic hydrolysis process. This breaks down the collagen proteins into more bio available amino acids and very small bits of peptides. This means it can then be effectively absorbed by the body, providing the missing link of amino acids like glycine, proline and lysine that are required to build connective tissue. The addition of Vitamin C alongside collagen (cue the citrusy tang in SHINE), enhances the absorption process.

The benefits

There are thought to be benefits of ingesting hydrolysed collagen to hair, skin tissue, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and blood cell growth. The anti-inflammatory amino acids found in collagen are also known to support gut health by aiding gastric acid secretion.

Athletes have been using hydrolysed collagen for decades to help improve joint health, reduce inflammation and promote faster recovery from injuries. If you exercise a lot, including collagen in your diet can help keep your joints healthy and pain-free.

Regular collagen intake is said to create a layer on the hair and skin which helps to retain moisture and it also increases the firmness of the skin which helps it look younger (skin toning and thickening of hair and nails).

Sources of collagen

Collagen is an animal product. It can be derived from various sources such as bovine and marine. We have opted to use marine collagen in SHINE, derived from natural, sustainable fish sources. Our collagen is produced in Europe under ISO standards giving quality assurance throughout the supply chain to the finished product. If you are thinking of adding collagen into your diet, do your research and makes sure you are confident about the sourcing and quality of the product you are using.