Much Ado about TONIC2

December 31, 2016

Our superstar TONIC2 was created from our desire to introduce some of our favourite Ayurvedic herbs and make them appealing to your senses.

Ayurvedic herbs can be quite a challenge on the taste buds when ingested on their own but the abundance of qualities they hold earns them a rightful home in our drinks. Thankfully our wizard in the Lab, unfazed by the challenge of these often unpalatable flavours, has created a potent little powerhouse with an untold list of benefits that way surpass your average turmeric shot.

Every single ingredient in TONIC2 has a specific purpose in this uniquely sophisticated botanical blend so let us begin at the beginning…

Turmeric ROOT (cold pressed organic root, most definitely not the cheap powdered version you use to colour your curry) is a member of the ginger family.  This golden spice has long been celebrated in both Ayurveda and Chinese medicines thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

However curcumin (the active ingredient in Turmeric Root) on it’s own has a difficult time making it past the stomach, into the small intestine and the blood where it offers the most benefits. By adding a tiny amount of piperine, the bioavailability of curcumin is increased by 20 times.

We have chosen a special Ayurvedic formula which contains ginger, long pepper and chilli to increase the efficacy and enhance the uptake of this most powerful component.

Ginger aids the digestive tract by toning muscles in the intestine and stimulating the breakdown of food particles, assisting in transporting food and other substances out of the intestines. Therefore, ginger can help soothe gas pains, help to digest and metabolize fats and relieve common stomach pains.

And finally another favourite hero ingredient of ours is the Ashwagandha root, which as an adaptogenic herb helps to nourish and restore optimal nervous and immune system health by normalising mood, energy levels, and overall immune function.  

Ashwagandha embodies the very essence of the preventative and curative approach to health in Ayurveda.

We work directly with a farm India that produces and processes the root into the highest concentration full-spectrum extract available. It is standardized to the highest percentage of withanolides in the world derived only from the roots of the plant. Standardization implies that an extract delivers consistent dosage and guaranteed potency. 

So there you have it. In keeping with Botanic Lab tradition, our TONIC2 isn’t just another Turmeric shot but a thoughtful and highly functional concoction with potency, quality of ingredients and a flavour you won’t get from anywhere other than the Lab.