Introducing 3 Aces: Cross Fit

February 10, 2016

As part of our Fit February promotion the Botanic Lab team braved new heights and headed to South London to meet Rich, Mark and Caspar, the dynamic trio behind 3 Aces Cross Fit in Kennington.

Arriving  slightly terrified at the prospect of setting foot in a Cross Fit gym (it makes grown men cry after all) what we learned is that these guys have heaps of integrity and a welcoming approach to what is often deemed as a punishing workout, so welcoming that we're signing up!!

"Our approach is about breaking your personal best, not your body"

3 Aces offer a very tailored appraoch to fitness, similar to personal training only delivered within a small group environment.  Their methodology is to train and educate their clients with emphasis on perfecting the movements before turning up the intensity.

Rich, Mark and Caspar met whilst working as trainers in NW London.  Brothers Rich and Mark come from professional golfing backgrounds which despite being worlds apart from Cross Fit in terms of pace,  the element of precision and technique applies equally to both disciplines.

Contrary to the Cross Fit mentality which often favours the 6th gear approach all the way, the 3 Aces approach aims to maximise different types of training throughout the week, By learning to operate in different gears, the goal is to maximise your body and your ability and turn up the intensity at the right time for you.

As with all group fitness there is a competitive element but also a huge social element to their approach.  The key thing for them is knowing their members are having fun in the process. They are playing host to a community of like minded people with similar goals which is hugely supportive when training this hard.  Their NW London clients travel across town to train with them which speaks volumes in a city full of tight schedules.

Rich, Caspar and Mark are insistant that anyone of any fitness level can follow the program providing they are committed.  Their mission is to get the individual moving to the best of their ability with each memeber receiving hands-on coaching in every session, assisting them on their journey to optimal performance and wellbeing.

Interestingly they have a relatively equal split of male and female members and, as the focus is purely on performance and not aesthetics, there are no mirrors anywhere in the gym. These days London seems to brimming with fitness studios that offer everything except someone to do your workout for you (don't get us wrong we love them too) but we found this place and the guys behind it refreshingly honest and real;  so much so that we're signing up.