Dream boxes of Botanic Lab Champions

August 08, 2017

To coincide with the launch of the new Build a Box feature on our website we asked our Botanic Lab champions ...

What is in your dream Botanic Lab box? 


Sonja Moses


Plantmilk 2

Plantmilk 1



Tonic 1

Tonic 2


I have a pretty hectic schedule which requires lots of energy for training and teaching clients and classes. I need the right nutritional balance in order to keep my energy stable throughout the day.  

Plantmilk 2, chocolate milk for grown ups is incredible and gives me an instant natural energy boost. The hypertonic drinks RESET and REFUEL hydrate me quickly after a session and help keep my muscles in working order.  True to Botanic Lab form, they taste amazing too.

Jody Shield

What would I have in my dream Botanic Lab box?  Ooooh, definitely Tonic 2, lots of Tonic 2. It has so many amazing ingredients in it. As soon as I drink it,  I feel it instantly working its magic.  It's a little Lifetonic in a bottle. 

I'd have some of the amazing Kola+ as it gives you such an amazing natural energy boost without the jitters that come with coffee.  

And then Invigorate; the black ginseng drink from the Botanics Cold Pressed range.  It has huge amounts of 2 different ginsengs in it which helps with immunity, focus and stamina so that's an all round winner in my book.

A combination of these 3 would be a dream ...


Elissa El Hadj, Founder of Form Studios and METcore Method

I love them all but these are my favourite 7.  

REFUEL+: this contains all the goodness I need to fuel and replenish the body during training. Thankfully we stock them at my studio FORM so a trusty Refuel+ is always on hand for every workout and anytime I need a boost on a particularly busy day. It tastes fabulous.
SHINE - it's such a refreshing, uplifting drink. I love the fact that is contains hydrolysed collagen and schisandra berry for the skin. Two products I take for supplementation, so having these ingredients in a drink is great and convenient for my busy lifestyle, always being on the go! 
PLANTMILK 1 - chock full of goodness and unadulterated deliciousness! Definitely one of my top pics!
PLANTMILK 2  - chocolate milk for grown ups!  No other brand of milk matches it. I love the fact that it contains yerba maté as well for an energising uplift. 
BOTANIC 1- another great tasting drink, with really genius ingredient combinations that you don't find in other green juices.
TONIC 2 - Three of my favourite ingredients in one potent potion ... tumeric, ashwagandha and coriander.  Superior elixir for inflammation and clear skin.
VITALISE - refreshing and delicious and it's the most beautifully appetising colour. Plus I can buy it next door to the studio in Gail's so it's become a favourite!