CBD? THC? WTF is all this fuss about?

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol is one of 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant which together makes up for 40% of the plant’s total extract. Cannabis in the UK was prohibited under the Dangerous Drugs Act in 1928, and it wasn’t until 1940 that Dr. Roger Adams discovered CBD, a whole 20 years before THC.

CBD is often mistaken for possessing the same psychoactive properties as THC, when in actual fact, CBD does not get you high. CBD oil is also not the same as hemp-seed oil - Hemp-seed oil is produced by pressing the seeds of the plant and contains little to no CBD, whereas other parts of the plant, in particular the flower, have much more concentrated amounts of CBD. Hemp-seed oil is great for use in salad dressings and baking, but not ideal if looking for a rich source of CBD. 

Passing fad or here to stay? 

You might be surprised to learn that CBD is actually nothing new, historical use of cannabis spreads across cultures worldwide and has been recorded as far back as 10,000 years ago. Due to its fibrous nature, hemp was originally used to make rope, paper, clothing and fishing nets - but as extraction methods developed, so did it’s use. 

In 2737 BC the Chinese Emperor Shen Neng prescribed cannabis tea for treatment of ailments including rheumatism, malaria and poor memory. Queen Victoria reportedly used cannabis to relieve menstrual cramps in the 19th century, which makes it even more remarkable that it’s taken another 150 years to see the first CBD tampon come to market (check our Daye and their recently launched brand of organic CBD tampons). Thats not to relatively recent launches of CBD gum, CBD gummies, and a whole host CBD products launching alongside influential advocates of cannabis including, Snoop Dog, Seth Rogan and Rhianna, giving a 21st century update to the long-haired hippy stereotype that has historically been synonymous with recreational cannabis use.

The rise of CBD as a mainstream health and wellness trend, distinct from recreational cannabis use, is in part thanks to increased awareness of its positive impact on general wellbeing, particularly in relation to the management of stress and anxiety. Today, attitudes to cannabis are changing and while research still has a long way to go, reports of the anecdotal benefits of using CBD are abundant. 

Ok, we’re getting somewhere. So tell me what it does?

CBD products are heralded for many reasons, among which are helping to improve sleep, managing anxiety, improving your sex life, and reducing chronic pain, especially when these conditions do not respond to conventional treatments. While advice varies on dosage, the general principle of “start low, go slow” and monitoring how your body responds to CBD (and therefore finding the optimum daily dose for you) is sensible. Our very own CBD drink, Dutch Courage contains 5mg of CBD in each can, which is a great way to start your CBD journey (see more on our CBD mircodosing blog).

If it’s good enough for Kim K, then is it good enough for me?

Take the test below from The New Normal Report, produced by Protein Studios and Prohibition Partners to see if CBD is for you!



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