#CreatedBetter - An anxiety busting aphrodisiac!

February 14, 2018

Created Better is a culture that permeates all we do at Botanic Lab. From the products we produce to the way we produce them, our ethos at the Lab to the things that others can't do, won't do or are too afraid to do.  Striving for better quality, processes, sustainability, flavour, functionality and innovation is our mission.  The end result?  Bringing you genre-defining products that won't change your life, but will certainly change the way you think about drinks.

We are challenging the myth that botanicals are boring by creating stimulating and sensual drinks with that are anything but run of the mill. So in keeping with the valentines day theme, who else would create a drink with an anxiety busting aphrodisiac as the star ingredient?  Turnera diffusa, or Damiana leaf as it is better known, the star of our new Coconut PLANTMILK1, isn't just known for anxiety reduction. It has been used by the Aztecs and Mayans for centuries as a cure for impotency in men and to stimulate lovemaking in women.  PLANTMILK1 is where frisky meets function.  


In one study Turnera diffusa was found to "recover sexual behavior in sexually exhausted males."  With these findings it's hardly surprising that in Mexico, the plant has been declared a National Treasure.  So much so it is even prohibited for export as a live plant.

Damiana leaves are not only used as an aphrodisiac but also as a tonic for improving overall health.  It's role as a relaxing and nourishing nervine, helps to lift the spirit and release anxiety and tension.  

Research into the composition of the plant has found that the main components of Damiana leaves and stems are volatile oils, flavonoids, gonzalitosin, arbutin, tannin and damianin. Besides these, Damiana also contains essential oils, cyanogenic glycosides, thymol and trace amounts of phosphorus. Even though the exact chemical components responsible for aphrodisiacal properties of Damiana have not been isolated, studies have shown that consuming the plant works to slow down the digestive tract and instead rushes oxygen to genital areas. This helps men to achieve erection much more easily and maintain it for longer periods of time. Yet another study claims that use of Damiana leads to greater sensitivity in the erotic zones, especially the genitals, which in turn may help a person to experience greater sexual pleasure.

The effect of consuming Damiana on male sexual performace has also been recognized in scientific literature. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia recommends Damiana for treatment of "anxiety neurosis with a predominant sexual factor, depression, nervous dyspepsia, atonic constipation, and coital inadequacy."   So it seems that our beloved damiana has proven efficacy in alleviating problems of achieving and maintaining erection in men as well as soothing anxiety symptoms associated with such.   An anxiety busting aphrodisiac - can't do better than that on Valentines Day!

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