HOME HIIT w/ Botanic Lab Champion, Sonja Moses

February 06, 2017

Botanic Lab Champion Sonja Moses is one hot force to be reckoned with.  Professional Muay Thai fighter, Barry's Bootcamp and Nike master trainer with an impressive celebrity clientele, Sonja leaves the stereotypical fitness trainer navel gazing at the starting line.  This lady is the REAL DEAL.
Sonja has created a HOME HIIT sequence for you, designed to whip the body and mind into shape through building strength, discipline and determination.  WARNING! It's not easy but there are varying levels to suit all abilities and progressions as you get stronger. 
"My focus at the moment is explosive power so this workout is designed around his theme.  If you are a beginner and find it's too strong you can tone it down by removing the tucks from the burpees and dropping to the knees for the press up section."


You will need a heavy Muay Thai skipping rope and a hot room.  As we're not in Thailand, make sure you crank up the heating.
Warm up - 7 mins
- Skipping with big heavy rope - 5 mins.  
This will get your arms nice and lean.  Stay light on the balls of feet.  If you don't have a rope, run on the spot.
- Shadow boxing -  2 mins - rotation, stretch
Muay Thai Conditioning Workout  - 7 mins
- Childs pose into upward dog to stretch out the body
- 10 hip bridge slow (glute activation)
- 10 press ups 3:1:3 (see video)  "chest all the way to the floor"
- 50 - 100 leg checks and knees on each side (hip mobility and oblique conditioning)
- 50 front push kick each leg
- 10 jumping squats 3:1:1 (slow down, quick up for explosive power - safe for beginners)
- 10 burpees with tucks (conditioning and mobility/ explosive power) or walk it through if you don't want to jump (see video)
- 1 minute rest
- Repeat x 2 (if you have time)
Aim to complete the workout 3 times per week to see results.
Sonja's mantra:
"You don't excel from choosing the easy path"
Sonja's top tip to maximise results:
" I use parasympathetic breathing techniques which involves breathing deep into the belly.  This way of breathing nourishes all cells in the body and helps me get in a performance state. I also use it at bedtime.  I aim for 20 breaths but am always fast asleep by 10."
Sonja's recommended HOME HIIT soundtrack:
Warm Up        Sacred dance of the Demon - Damian Lazarus
Work Out        Long Way to Go - Cassie
                       Really Doe - Danny Brown featuring Kendrick Lamarr
                       That's not me - Skepta
"Music plays a major part in my life. I'm always tuned in, headphones on, walking around the city.  If I'm in a mood I'll put on Loaded by Primal Scream and by the end of the track its shifted. It's one of my go to mood shifters."
Join Sonja for HIITBOX at Ministry of Sound on 19th February.  Thumping tunes accompany 12 rounds on the pads and high intensity fitness moves.  Tickets available at www.ministrydoesfitness.com/events