July 10, 2018

There’s a shift taking place in the world of fitness, as individuals are being inspired to ditch traditional workouts in favour of more serious training approaches worthy of professionals.  With the focus on training like an athlete, Brits are looking to the latest nutritional innovations to help reap maximum rewards for their efforts.  

Sports drinks have been used by athletes for decades, but the category has been dominated by synthetic products brimming with refined sugar.  Until now … Enter Botanic Lab REFUEL which has become the champions' choice thanks to its multifunctional benefits and incredible flavour profile. REFUEL heralds a new era for sports drinks, the only cold pressed sports drink on the market which utilises the powerful properties of whole natural ingredients to deliver optimum nutrition in its purest, raw state. 

The inclusion of our favourite exotic citrus fruit, yuzu, has the highest concentrate of Naringenin of any fruit (29mg per 100g compared with 17mg in tangerine, 14mg in lemons and 12mg in oranges).  Naringenin is a flavonoid which plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the regulation of the immune system.  

Utilised by the sporting elite, including two of London’s top Premiership football teams, REFUEL+ by Botanic Lab is recognised as the superior drink for athletes focused on reducing their consumption of synthetic ingredients, but maintaining the functionality of the products they use for training purposes.

According to Pearlfisher Futures, a leading trendspotting think-tank, consumers are rejecting ‘processed’ products and instead reconnecting with the powerful properties of natural ingredients.

One of the country’s top sporting nutritionists, Glenn Kearney, lead nutritionist at the Lawn Tennis Association (working with the country’s top sporting elite including Sir Andy Murray, Kyle Edmund and the World Champion Davis Cup team), favours drinks that provide more than a short-lived sugar hit and use only raw ingredients to boost performance and recovery as does Equinox gyms top trainer, George Rose.

Glenn shares his training and recovery tips:

  • Keep it natural

Look for products containing high-quality, natural and unprocessed ingredients - you’ll feel the difference. Not only are they richer in nutrients, but they come with no added toxins or chemicals that wreak havoc with your body.

  • Refuel within 30 minutes

Your body is most receptive to nutrients immediately after exercise, so make the most of the 30-minute window when enzymes and transporters in the muscles are most active to refuel with a protein-rich meal.

  • Count macros

Learn your macros (that’s fat, protein and carbs).  Counting macronutrients is a much more effective and healthy way to make sure you’re fueling your body correctly than simply counting calories.

  • Don’t skip meals

When training, your body burns fuel. Cutting back on meals takes its toll and can lead to blood sugar crashes and slower metabolisms - both big setbacks when you’re training.

  • Look for multi-tasking products

A multi-functional drink like Botanic Lab’s REFUEL+ will speed up recovery, letting you crack on with your training plan. It’s full of natural, cold-pressed botanical ingredients which are balanced to refuel your body in the most efficient way.

Equinox Kensington Tier X Coach, George Rose, adds:

"When training for endurance events such as Ironman, triathlons or marathons, the caloric demand of the body is drastically increased. With training sessions of over an hour and a half, the body's readily available glycogen stores become low. At this point, the addition of a drink such as Botanic Lab REFUEL+ can be taken to provide the body with quick energy. The recommended glucose intake is 30-60 grammes of carbohydrate for running events and 60-90 grammes for cycling events."


Whether you’re seeking a fix for the afternoon slump, ditching your diet soda addiction, supporting a busy lifestyle or rebooting after a heavy training session, the active elements in REFUEL+ are cleverly balanced to refuel the body rapidly: a naturally electrolyte-rich formula to flood a depleted system with essential phytochemicals and nutrients, with no refined sugar and made from the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer. The inclusion of raw Japanese yuzu and lemon to the nutrient-packed blend also helps deliver a vitamin C hit.

"Stop working out, start training." Botanic Lab champion and Nike Ambassador Sonja Moses

If you are serious about upping your game and adopting a more in-depth training regime, it's time you switched from the second division household brands to the premier league game changer, REFUEL.  There is no contest.