Going Going Gong...

February 14, 2018

With the pace of modern life showing no sign of slowing down, it's becoming increasingly challenging to stay present and mindful these days.  In an overcrowded consumer space, advertisers and marketers, all begging for our attention, are working hard to distract us with smarter, faster, louder campaigns beeping and blinking their way onto our phones and into our inboxes 24/7. 

So how are we supposed to cope with all these additional demands being made on our senses and our time?  We've taken to drowning out the noise with the help of sound and mindfulness app Third Ear.  

This cleverly designed app has a wealth of tools to help your mind stay on track throughout the day.  Our favourite feature is the Sound Cave, a selection of gong baths and vibrational sound mediations to help regain your focus and clarity or send your over-stimulated self towards a peaceful slumber at the end of your day.

We caught up with London's leading sound practitioner, gong master and the instrument behind Third Ear, Leo Cosendai ahead of his London Fashion Week debut, where he'll be sharing his unique high vibrations with the fashion pack at shows and events throughout the week.


We are big fans of your new mindfulness app Third Ear.  Can you tell us where the idea came from?

Thank you, it is really nice to know you enjoy using the app!  Sound meditation is my full time job and I realised I can only reach so many people through seminars and workshops. That’s essentially when I decided I ought to make a portable sound healing sanctuary for everyone who feels challenged by 21st century stresses : )

Could you tell us a little bit about the process and how long it took to bring to life?

 I first thought of it at the end of 2016, told my sister Julie and my school friend Charles about it and they were both keen to work on it together.

We then properly got started in June 2017 and somehow we managed to launch our v1.0 on Dec.3rd, which was quite challenging: very little sleep and constant blue light intoxication, haha! 

How did you manage to launch it such a short space of time?

My team was incredibly passionate and hard working but I must confess: I still don’t know how we managed to finish it in less than 7 months. Magic perhaps? 

I think knowing that this was going to help people from all around the world cope with stress as well as befriend the overactive mind gave me the extra juice to keep going during challenging phases. 

Can you tell us a bit about your journey?  How you arrived on this path teaching meditation and sound healing?

My parents were constantly taking my siblings and I on trips to Asia, and though I rarely enjoyed these as a tiny child; the experiences must have influenced me in many ways. Equally influential was and is my love for music which got me trained in composition and singing both in Lausanne and London. The two sources of inspiration came together and gave birth to my sound meditation and therapy practice

What were you doing before this path took flight for you?

I was practicing yoga and meditation when I was still writing music for pictures and performing music, but the former took over very quickly. Music has always been my n.1 passion and I never thought I would make it a vehicle for self-care. I feel that oftentimes life serves you not only what you need but also what the world needs from you. We’re not always in control and that is most certainly a good thing!!! 

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I would try and find a way to do this or something of comparable value to help people feel better in themselves so the world can become a better place. And the good thing is, there is not one way to do this- everyone has at least one way they can contribute and help make a lasting change. 

 Was there any point that you could have taken a diversion down another path?

Yes, in fact I am sure that at every point in my life I indeed could have taken a different path. Though you know, the wonderful thing is that it seems no matter what path one chooses, the destination remains the same. 

Third Ear is a family affair. Are their any lows to accompany the highs of working with those closest to you?

My sister Julie is the most incredible artist I have ever worked with. She has this super natural ability to understand her clients, as well as being able to create magic day after day. She really brings it. 

Charles is a brilliant thinker and very open minded person. We have been friends since school and though that certainly helps in terms of trust and human relations, I think what makes our working relationship so strong is our equal desire to create and make the world a better place. 

By the way, THIRD EAR isn’t going to just be an app, there is a lot more coming! 

What is your personal daily practice?

A personal Gong bath on the THIRD EAR app, some pranayama breathing and a combination of yin and kundalini yoga. 

What would you say are the most significant benefits of meditation?

It changes the way you perceive your environment. And it reveals unknown facets of you which the world desperately needs. 

And vibrational sound healing?  

Sound healing does the above in a far more efficient way than silence can possibly do.It also helps people to reset their central nervous system and retrain their brain into producing alpha and theta waves which we have been struggling with since the new age of technology. 

What are the plans for Third Ear?

We have a big update coming out in Spring which I am really excited about but I won’t give too many details so I’ll say one word: Green. 

Regarding our future as a company, we are developing a product which will forever change the way we listen to sound. 

 And for you?

I will keep on teaching in London as well as giving seminars and talks around the world when I am not working on the app and THIRD EAR’s new ventures. 

Third Ear is available to download on Itunes.  Friends of Botanic Lab can sign up for a yearly subscription at the discounted rate of £29.99. Simply sign up on their website and enter the code BOTANICLAB before dowloading the app and your ticket to inner peace.