International Womens Day

March 07, 2018

To celebrate International Women's Day, the importance of positive female role models and the strides being made towards an equal society for all, we rounded up the women that we admire at Botanic Lab and asked them... 

What lesson have you learned that you think can help other women?

 First up our very own Rebekah Hall, CEO of Botanic Lab.

 "Don't wait for the approval of others to do the things you want to do"


 Followed by Annie Hall,  our Financial Controller and Rebekah's Mum

" We need to inspire and teach our girls that they can do and achieve whatever they want to do"




Tracey Ellis, Yoga teacher and Founder of wellness brand Shanti Sundays

"Always trust your gut. When it comes to what is best for you, it is never wrong"


Phoebe Russell, Art Director and founder of Social Media Content Production Agency, It's Not Even

 "Don't define yourself by how many Instagram likes you get... this is not a true representation of who we are" 


Dr Sarah Kayat, ITV This Morning's resident health expert and Botanic Lab Champion

"Know your worth"


Laura Brown, Botanic Lab Champion, Team GB Tri-athlete and Concept Director at Cycle studio, One-10 

"Always spend a little bit of time each day to acknowledge everythiing that is going well in your life"


Lauren Stevenson, Founder of London Communications Agency Aisle 8

"Have absolute self-belief" 

 Tara Taylor, founder of Good Grain Bakery 

"Be good to other women. Surround yourself with people who believe in equality"