August 10, 2016


Introducing BOTANICS cold pressed, a range of three botanically enhanced premium soft drinks that shake up common perceptions of 'healthy drinks' and bring sophistication, complexity and exceptional flavour to everyday refreshment.   

BOTANICS heralds a new era of soft drinks. Combining premium grade botanicals in quantities that count with raw cold-pressed ingredients, to create functional drinks with intense flavours.  Free from refined sugar and low in natural sugars, BOTANICS break long established rules and provide a clean uplifting kick, whatever the occasion.

Sencha green tea sourced direct from Kyoto  combines with a powerful berry trio of schisandra, goji and strawberry. Peppery sichuan aromas bring together this complex combination of fruity, savoury, sweet and tart.



FORTIFY - A complex and spicy elixir combining the cold pressed juice of raw turmeric and ginger, accented by the warmth  of fresh chilli. Cool spearmint and vanilla notes complete the flavour.






INVIGORATE -The inky hue of activated charcoal is juxtaposed with cold pressed cane grass and raw yuzu. A sweet exotic flavour with an intense citrus tang enhanced with Siberian ginseng.






The new BOTANICS range will be available exclusively at 50 All Bar One’s across the country throughout August and September, bringing the Botanic Lab flair to a brand new audience.  Enjoy them as a brunch or lunch accompaniment or as a sophisticated soft drink experience.  Why shouldn't the best quality drinks be available at any time of the day?