Introducing.....Sonja Moses

November 29, 2016

This lady is the REAL DEAL.  She's a Nike Master Trainer, International Fitness Guru, professional Muay Thai fighter and a Barry's Bootcamp super trainer.  We caught up with Sonja to find out what motivates her and who inspires her.

TRAINING BACKROUND : Martial Arts, Kettlebells. Basically anything to keep me fight fit. Dance.

AREA OF EXPERTISE : Muay Thai/ Martial Arts, Treadmill running (Barrys Bootcamp), Kettlebells, TRX, Mindfulness, Public speaking 


Isotonic Refuel and Plantmilk2 Awaken


What sparked your interest in martial arts?

I wanted to be a competitive fighter after watching karate kid when I was a kid but it was always told no because it's not a feminine sport. I also remember watching boxing matches when I was a kid and being inspired that those warriors went the distance relentlessly.

How important is nutrition to your training program? 

Very important. As a trainer and as a fighter. I need to keep my energy levels up for teaching classes, training clients and fitting in my own training. When I am training for a fight my training hours might go up as high as 5 hours spread throughout the day. I have to eat and drink completely clean and drink a minimum 4 litres of water a day to reap my training benefits. I am really sensitive to caffeine and sugar so I cut these to a minimum to avoid energy crashes.

What do you like about Botanic Lab?

I am all about vibes. The reason why the company was formed comes from a place of love, teaching and helping people. The products are amazing and I feel good when I have had my juices. 

Do you ever switch off?

Yes. But it is hard when you live and work in London. I have made my home very zen so I can relax there


I go to Thailand and Ibiza a lot to practice Muay Thai and to meditate. I spend a lot of time on my own and try to be with the elements as much as I can (the sea, jungle, waterfalls). This enables me to get clarity and perspective on life especially if I have big decisions to make. It always makes a difference if I do a juice cleanse before I go or when I arrive there. I feel like I get more out of my 'me' time. In London I enjoy a good sound bath when I can get to one because I have no choice but to zone out and meditate  with the resonance of the instruments. I also find that some original house music beats with no vocals help me chill also.

Inspirational person?

Tina Turner, Tony Robbins, my Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa

Best piece of advice you received?

Love yourself first. Without this you will never love anyone else genuinely. 

Best advice you have to give?

Happiness trumps everything. So while we are here in this short space in time we might as well choose to be happy.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? 

Stunt woman, choreographer, dancer, The Tony Robbins of fitness (watch this space!)

What is your definition of success?