We are the Champions (of Botanic Lab)

March 21, 2017

What defines a champion? Someone who has surpassed all rivals in their chosen field. Someone we admire, learn from and look up to. 

Who are the Botanic Lab Champions?  Individuals who have surpassed their peers and excelled in their chosen field and who have executed life in their own unique way. Our champions share the core values of Botanic Lab, making up their own rules, with integrity and authenticity. They aren't Instagram heroes or objects of physical perfection. They are unique, interesting and diverse.  


Jody Shield

Jody Shield is no stereotype.  She's a modern day healer, inspirational speaker, author,  Lululemon meditation ambassador and founder of LifeTonic events - the inspirational workshops she hosts across London.  Jody quit a successful business development career in the advertising industry after a trip to Peru which kickstarted a life overhaul, completely transforming her outlook.

Life mantra "I surrender every day, in every way, in every moment."

Best piece of advice:  "Trust that you're exactly where you're meant to be in every moment. You are always in the best place for growth."

One small thing you do every day that makes a big difference?  Allowing 10 mins every morning for a meditation practice. It starts your day on a positive note and sets you up for the day ahead. 

Favourite Botanic Lab drink?  Tonic 2 - LifeTonic in a bottle 




Richard Brockhurst

Richard Brockhurst is a bit of a rebel.  A former pro-golfer who forfeited the clean-cut world of golf coaching in favour of the 'tough' persons sport of choice, Cross Fit. Rich (above right) set up 3 Aces Cross Fit gym with his brother Mark (left) and friend Caspar two years ago.  The Aces have just opened their second gym at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

After a spate of injuries (Rich recently broke his tibia and fibula shortly after recovering from a broken collarbone in a cycling accident), an elite training mindset has served Rich well as he's built himself back up from the floor, literally retraining himself to walk.

Training mantra: Little and often at the minute. As long as we try to make ourselves that bit better each day then we are on the right track.

Career high: Opening 3 Aces CrossFit for sure. There's nothing quite like having an idea and executing it.  It's a continued work in progress but I’m really happy with what we have achieved and what we are working towards for the future.  We are building a community.

Best piece of advice:  There is no such thing as luck.  Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  Although I disagree slightly, this has definitely stuck with me and I have tried to work hard to make things go the way I want them to go, rather than complaining about what doesn’t come my way.

One small thing that makes a big difference? Preparation and respect in the process. We all want things in an instant but it’s important to understand that some things are worth more because you have had to work for them, not pay for them.

Favourite Botanic Lab drink?  KOLA+. The kick is immense and it tastes SO good.


Sonja Moses

You may be familiar with Sonja by now as her Home HIIT workout has been flashing across our Journal. Sonja deserves all the airtime she gets, a professional Muay Thai fighter, Barry's Bootcamp and Nike master trainer, she is a true gem in the world of elite fitness. She is also the creator of HIITBOX, a unique fitness experience hosted at Ministry of Sound that has to be experienced to be believed.

Training mantra:  Train hard for a purpose, otherwise play. Always move.

Define success: Success for me is being truly happy and comfortable in my own skin.

One small thing that makes a huge difference:  I use a technique called parasympathetic breathing which involves breathing deep from the belly with a 2:1 ratio.  This helps my recovery and ensures I get a good nights sleep. I aim for 20 breaths before bed but am usually asleep by 10.

Favourite Botanic Lab drink?  ISOTONIC.  My go to training partner.