Mood-boosting exercises in London

October 26, 2018

Hey. I'm Phyllis. I have been teaching yoga for the last 5 years, I started practicing yoga in 2009. I like being active, but as I just moved to London I am spending a lot of my time eating (and drinking) my way through the city.  So I asked around and did some research to find some new and interesting exercise classes. Here are some of the ones that I loved!

Hot Pod Yoga – Hot Yoga, Hackney

 I dropped into one of the Hot Yoga classes at Hot Pod Yoga in Hackney and it blew me away! I had no idea they had over 30 in the UK. When you arrive you take your shoes off, faced with a patented inflatable pod, I wasn't sure what happens next. You walk inside into a dark, warm (set to 37 degrees) pod and a relaxing aromatherapy and light experience surround you. The workout was Vinyasa, so hot and fast.

Bring an extra T-shirt, towel, hair band, hot yoga towel (optional), your favourite Refuel+ for hydration and mental preparation (seriously)!

Third Space – Bitch Boxing, Soho

Sure you've heard of boxing before, but how about bitch boxing? It is a new system of strength training for women to get stronger and more toned. Maybe you aren't feeling brave enough to practice with guys (yet), so bitch boxing might be worth a try as it's strictly for women, and only in Soho Third Space. It proves that women can throw a good punch no matter what. There are different levels of classes so you don’t have to be intimidated. All you have to do is get ready to sweat a lot. This truly gives new meaning to 'resting bitch face'! Even better, at the end of class, I could pick up my favourite Botanic Lab drink as the whole range is available at Third Space, in Natural Fitness Foods.

AcroyogaDance – Acro yoga, Soho

Acro yoga is a new form of yoga which combines yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. It is a creative form of exercise to learn how to build trust and create sufficient communication with people. You don’t need a partner because you could be a flyer, base or spotter no matter what your age and size. I joined a class in AcroYogaDance and it's super amazing! Their beginner’s class is suitable for everyone but I would recommend you to do a regular yoga class before you have your first acro yoga class (if you never did any). 

Flying Fantastic – Aerial yoga, Old Street

      Everyone loves shavasana pose, but have you ever tried to do shavasana on a hammock? Aerial Yoga is a yoga practice based on relaxing, alignment, and sometimes core conditioning with the aid of a suspended silk hammock. You might imagine this class will be easy because you are chilling in a hammock – the answer is a definite NO! It is much more challenging to balance when part of your body is off the ground. It’s great for building your awareness because you need to focus more than in your regular yoga practice. Also, when you do inversions – your body  is up-side-down on the hammock - it’s a great exercise to increase the blood circulation in your body.

      Frame – Rebounding, Shoreditch

      I hate cardio – even though I am a yoga teacher, but I felt my lungs activate after the rebounding class. It’s a great coordination, balance and speed training exercise. When you are bouncing with strong and fast-paced music, all you need to do is let your body follow the beat and just focus on the exercise. There is a scientific report about the benefit of rebounding for removing toxins in your body. The lymphatic system moves through the body via one-way valves and during rebounding, the valves open and close ten times more than normal which boosts your immune system.

      If you try these classes out, let us know what you think and if there are any classes you want us to feature next time, get in touch.

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