Racy and Rebellious. The new Botanic Lab is here.


Health, wellbeing, low sugar, low calorie. Bored already? Yep, so are we. We aren’t saying these things don’t matter ― but we want more. We want depth. We want drinks that make a real difference to your body and brain and power you to do extraordinary things on a daily basis.

Basically, we want drinks that do something.

Having recently won three industry awards for innovation in drinks, we're here to unveil our raw and racy, new look. Off the back of our revolutionary CBD Dutch Courage, Botanic Lab is changing the social drinking landscape and rewriting the rulebook on stereotypical ‘health drinks’. To shake things up we’re introducing some amazing products that have just landed on our website!

Our drinks are good for you ― that’s a given. The interesting part is what else they can do. And by the way, we're done with feeling guilty too. We want people to try Botanic Lab’s new drinks not because they feel they should, but because what these drinks can do is amazing. And because we’re different. Designed in a lab using ancient botanicals selected to clear the mind and reset the body, we’ve created something totally new; drinks of the future to keep our ambitious rebels ahead of the pack and changing the world.



But performance shouldn’t compromise pleasure, which is why our drinks pack a punch in the flavour department. From cold pressed Sea buckthorn, and Siberian ginseng Mind Lube that’ll keep your engine oiled and cogs burning, to our Cannabidiol (CBD), Mellowdrama for when you need to take five minutes out from that heated meeting, we’ve got your back. For workout days, try Horsepower, pressed with Ashwagandha, the perfect post-workout recovery for muscles, or ‘One-Upmanship’ ― the ultimate sports drink made with Yuzu and cleansing Activated Charcoal to maximise your body’s performance.

Experts at Botanic Lab have carefully selected ancient herbs with potent healing qualities and used them in ways never seen before. We’ve reinvented our old model and created a range of drinks like nothing else.

We know that busy, creative people need convenience, so you can either build your own customised box of products or simply choose from one of custom cleanse programs, exclusive to our website. Our Factory Reset with CBD program will restore both mind and body, while A New Leaf is our turbo-charged program that’ll leave you feeling top of your game and ready to go. Both programs can be done from 1-3 days and include a combination of shots, juices and plant-based milks enhanced with botanicals, and nature fighting adaptogens. They taste amazing, but these are also drinks that do something ― and each one has been created with a purpose, whether to stimulate, regulate or leave you feeling calm.


We want to give you all the health benefits with none of the chores, so you can perform at your peak and save time for the fun stuff. And we don’t believe health drinks should be kept to the gym. These new drinks are designed to be a part of your everyday life, for work, play and everything in between. Whatever the mood we’ve got something to keep you at your best. Always one step ahead, we’ve strived to develop products that will maximise your potential, mentally and physically. We’re not just another superficial health brand. We've got a new look, a lot of exciting new products and we are on a mission… we want you to join our revolution!

Start today with 10%* off your first order with us and free delivery on all orders over £50, or find Botanic Lab products in store in  Co-op, Waitrose, Wholefoods and Planet Organic.

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Are you ready for the revolution?

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