July 20, 2017

Our new cold pressed watermelon drink RESET+ is a versatile little number, and without doubt Summer's coolest drinks' companion. Not content with powering up your athletic performance, the sweet, spicy flavours of watermelon, strawberry and sechuan pepper pairs beautifully with alcohol too.

We are big fans of granita in the Lab, and the recipe below using the hydrating hypertonic RESET+ is our favorite so far. Slush puppies for grown ups anyone? 



(serves 4)


1 handful of mint leaves

125ml Tequila (preferably blanco)

Pinch of Sichuan if you fancy a spicy twist (optional)

Blend all of the ingredients together.

Transfer mixture to a freezer friendly container. Freeze for two - three hours, checking every hour or so to scrape the top layer. Pay attention to the sides of the container as the mixture will freeze solid here.  The granita is ready when the mixture resembles snow.

Garnish with mint. Serve.