Is it Hard to go Soft?

September 04, 2018

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The bar can be fairly uninspiring for a non-drinker, the choice is usually between a pint of fruit juice, soda-lime or cola.  Yawn. It’s no wonder people think a sober night is a boring night. However, times are changing, and the modern social life revolves a lot less around having an alcoholic drink. 16-24-year olds are now less likely to drink than any other age group, teetotalism is continuously rising along with people feeling the benefits of “mindful drinking” – a mindset that allows a person to notice habitual drinking, and then deal with those behaviours to try and make healthier decisions. 

What has led to this change in behaviour? Media sources say that millennials see alcohol as something for the ‘older generation’.  A greater concern for wellbeing has resulted in fitness classes replacing after work drinks. Technology, as usual, has also had a huge impact on our drinking behaviour.  Social dating apps take away the need for Dutch courage, as people notice a huge boost in confidence when meeting strangers virtually, compared to introducing yourself IRL.

So, what is “Generation Sober” doing instead of drinking? Here is a little guide of 10 unique attractions and night outs with a difference around London that cater for the mindful drinker: 

  1. Street Feast

Good vibes, great street food and unique environments. Street Feast is a game changer when it comes to eating out in London. They team up with independent street food traders to create a whole new dining experience, where you can pick and mix dishes from all over the world.  A teetotaller would feel perfectly included in their lively atmosphere, and mindful drinkers can visit one of their many speciality drinks bars and sample their choice of wines, craft beers or personalised G&T. With great music, friends and food, what’s not to love?

  1. The Cauldron

If you’re looking for a magical experience look no further than The Cauldron London.  Donn your wizarding robes, let your wand choose you and attend a self-led potions class.  Brew small helpings of Poetic Mead, and a further two molecular potions, all including a touch of magic.  Non-drinkers rejoice as there are magical alcohol-free options for you too.  As if that wasn’t enough, The Cauldron also grows its own botanicals in-house! Botanic Lab for the wizarding world!

  1. Flight Club

Darts have been reinvented for the 21st century by Flight Club. Challenge your friends to a friendly competitive round of Social Darts in your own personal area called an ‘oche’ that can hold up to 20 friends.  A new spin on a classic pastime, you’ll be surprised at how into darts you actually are. 

  1. Junkyard Golf

At Junkyard Golf you and up to seven of your friends can step into one of four unique worlds made out of crazy junk for a 9-hole game of mini golf.  You’ll definitely get loads of Instagram worthy shots with the scenery and neon lights.  This place is great if you are young at heart and have a bit of a competitive side.

  1. Ziferblat                                                                         

Ziferblat is your home away from home, offering a space where you can enjoy as much tea, biscuits, board games and much more all for free – just pay 8p per minute whilst you are there (£4.80 per hour).  This super chilled out space welcomes you to hang out with your mates on their comfy sofas.  This definitely appeals to those who can’t host games nights in their own home but desperately want to beat their friends at monopoly - just don’t make a scene when you lose.


  1. Secret Cinema

At Secret Cinema, you’ll know what movie you’ll see, but you don’t quite know what to expect until you arrive at your unique venue. Once there you’ll see how their team has transformed the space to be a fully immersive experience with settings, actors, food and drinks. At around £67 a ticket, this isn’t your most budget-friendly night out, but you’ll find yourself getting lost in the moment, making it a truly one-of-a-kind night that you’ll always remember.

  1. Hot Tug

A floating hot tub in central London, it doesn't get much better than that! We guarantee you have never experienced anything like Hot Tug.  Grab your novelty sailor’s cap and sink into the relaxing 38-degree waters whilst taking in some spectacular views at either of their locations.  BYOB is permitted so you can choose to crack open that special bottle you’ve been saving for something worthy, or you can load up the boat with your favourite soft drinks (we have a few pointers on that front!). Make memories together as you sail off into the sunset. 


Images Via Instagram