Sober Weekend Challenge - The Results!

September 14, 2018

With the latest news for Public Health England that we should all be aiming for at least 2-3 alcohol-free days per week, we challenged members of the Botanic Lab team to go sober for a whole weekend to see whether it really is Hard to go Soft. We've discovered some of the scenarios and social etiquettes that challenge those who are trying to moderate their drinking habits. Jade, Shona and Liz all tell us about their weekend experience below: 


This weekend saw me celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday at a bar in Mayfair, and although I love any excuse to go on a night out, I always feel like there’s an instant pressure for me to drink alcohol - particularly when it’s to mark a special occasion.  I can quite literally take or leave alcohol.  I’d usually opt for the latter because I simply don’t like the taste of it.  This is exactly what I did on Saturday evening.  When the barman asked what everybody was drinking, I opted for diet coke (my only options being juice or a fizzy drink 😪).  I knew it was only a matter of time until the dreaded eye rolls reared their heads.  And just like clockwork …


I don't drink often, but when I do I tend to binge drink which always leaves me in a sorry state on Sunday.  I wanted to completely dodge alcohol, so I headed outside with my boyfriend.  We landed in Herne Bay, a cute Victorian seaside resort.  It was nostalgic being in the arcades on the 2p machines, and flying kites - and the fish and chips weren't bad either!  For me, it wasn't hard to go soft this weekend - mostly because I got myself away from a typical drinking environment.  It probably would have been a different story if I had had a night out in a pub!


Yes, it was hard to go soft!  I failed miserably ...  Friday, after a long day of meetings, I met my friends for a quick drink before going out to dinner.  Sat in a lovely bar, called Spiritland in Kings Cross, I clocked the gin collection they had.  Seduced instantly by an obscure bottle and an amazing cocktail list, I ordered a Four Pillars Gin & Tonic (Navy Strength!), and did not even think about a soft drink.   I almost made it to the weekend but not quite.  When I need to unwind and indulge, it seems my go-to tipple is definitely gin.  Next time, baby steps in my soft drink challenge, only one day in the weekdays with booze - then I will work up to the weekend!