A Sophisticated Soft Drink

September 07, 2018

Something is brewing...

We’ve been exploring sophisticated soft drinks – or rather the lack of them! We’re bored with the same old, we want a soft drink that’s exciting, not overly sugary, functional and aimed towards a developed “grown-up” palate.
We feel left out of the ritual of turning to our friends and insisting that they try our delicious new drink when we're out – everybody knows what cola tastes like, nobody wants to try it.  We want a share-worthy drink, literally and on our social media.
Most alcoholic drinks look stunning and have beautiful presentation, a thought-out glass and garnish for the perfect serve. Not to mention the ability of a G&T or glass of rosé to take the edge off a busy day. If non-drinkers are lucky they might get a lime wedge with their drink. We can hardly post that on our feeds.. we need to give the impression to our army of followers that we are interesting and worth being friends with 😉
It has got us thinking ... and creating. We are brewing something special at Botanic Lab, we can’t wait to share it with you.  Watch our social media and website for the news – we think you’re going to love it.