March 08, 2017

With 2017 set to be the year of botanicals it's an exciting time for Botanic Lab as many of the ingredients that we champion come into the spotlight.  Botanical complexity is at the heart of everything we do (the clue is in our name).  We have relished the challenge of incorporating these powerful and interesting ingredients into drinks that will excite your taste buds.  That's not always the easiest of tasks.  In meaningful quantities many potent botanicals have a challenging flavour and are avoided by mainstream food producers. 

In this series of posts we'd like to share with you some of our favourite botanical ingredients - the history, origin and traditional uses and give you an insight into the very special plants that we put at the centre of our drink creations.

KOLA NITIDA has shaped popular culture and modern day drinks in a profound way. 

This beautiful and potent nut is traditionally used as a ceremonial offering in African cultures thanks to its stimulating and energising effect. It has in it's own way helped to shape modern drink and popular culture stemming from its inclusion in the original Coca-Cola recipe in the 19th century.  Along with coca leaf, kola nut packed a serious punch in that early recipe, but sadly doesn't feature in most modern day versions.

KOLA NUT provides a natural source of caffeine and is often referred to as a cognitive booster, thanks to its ability to increase oxygen levels in the brain, skin and cells, thus restoring vitality to the body and providing a 'clearing of the mind'. Other properties of this powerful botanical can include enhancing metabolic function, improving digestion and nutrient uptake and providing headache relief.

Kola nut is the undisputed star of our superchared KOLA+; an homage to this powerful botanical ingredient in its purest form.  As you would expect from Botanic Lab, it packs a mean punch with an incredible flavor profile to match.