The Future of Drinking

February 22, 2017

With 2016 hailed as the ‘Year of Gin’, Pearlfisher Futures Taste report predicts a new phase of flavour innovation for 2017, driven by the power of botanicals and the potential they have to revolutionise the way we live, eat and drink.  Hurrah, our beloved botanicals are finally receiving the recognition they deserve as health conscious consumers seek a better quality drinking experience, offering nutritional benefits and a sensual taste experience.  Botanic Lab are championing this movement alongside botanical drinks brands such as Seedlip with their distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

Premium drinking and dining outlets including The Arts Club, Rabbit and the Moon and Balans are majoring on soft drink innovation, and are incorprating our botanically enhanced adult soft drinks into their alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks menus. 

The flavour complexity of Botanic Lab drinks has catapulted the brand into bars and restaurants, bringing premium soft drinks to anyone looking for a clean healthy kick in a social environment.  Non-drinkers have always had to compromise on the quality of the drinks they buy and the experience it provides, whilst spirits are enjoying an artisanal revival. Not so any more!  

Michael O'Hare's The Rabbit in the Moon has fully embraced the botanical trend with their bespoke drinks menu created by Matt Whiley, the man behind award winning bars Purl & Worship Street Whistling shop amongst others.  Their innovative and inspired 'Space Age Asian' menu provides the perfect partner to the sensual and complex flavours of Botanic Lab (many of which herald from the far east).

Private members club The Arts Club offer the best nature has to offer to their clientele all day and night with an extensive selection of Botanic Lab drinks for every occasion. London institution Balans, whose drinks range incorporates our BOTANICS cold pressed range is a great example of how soft drinks are now at the centre of the menu innovation, rather than an afterthought.

As we increasingly look towards food and drink to enhance our health and wellbeing, it was only a matter of time before bars and restaurants took notice. The future of drinking looks healthy with Botanic Lab's signature flavour and function at the fore.