The Surprising Environmental Benefits of Cannabis Sativa

September 15, 2018

Much of the focus in the media around Cannabis Sativa, hemp and CBD is centred on its medicinal, recreational and cultural impact.  However, industrial hemp is being heralded for some lesser known reasons, namely its strong environmental credentials.  


Here are a few quick facts about how growing and hemp can actually benefits the environment: 


  1. Cannabis Sativa can be used to create fully biodegradable plastic. We tend to think recycling is the best solution to helping the environment when it comes to plastic but more than 60 million plastic bottles alone end up in landfills every day – If we used Hemp plastic, it would introduce a new cycle that would be much more environmentally friendly as nature will run its course and break it down into nutrients for plants and growth.
  2. Cannabis Sativa absorbs four times as much carbon dioxide as trees do during its quick 12-14 week growing cycle. It also rarely needs any pesticides and acts as a natural filter that eliminates toxins in the air.
  3. Cannabis plants help to produce oxygen, prevent deforestation and process greenhouse gases.
  4. Many of the same items we use in our everyday lives can be made with hemp. It produces materials for food, fuel, cosmetics, plastic, building materials, medicine, textiles and more. However, the stigma surrounding hemp has caused manufacturers to avoid using these materials.