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Cleanse Program

A dynamic cleanse program carefully balanced to allow the body a break from heavy digestive work while introducing the optimum nutritional conditions to heal and rebuild.

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  • A weekly or monthly juice cleanse of 24 hours is an ideal health maintenance measure, as are periodic cleanses of three days.
  • Readjust your palette away from processed food and provide the body with a period of digestive rest
  • Each day contains 8 juices
  • The cleanse is intended to be consumed without food although we recommend you listen to your body and provide guidance for light eating if required.
  • No special preparation is required in advance of the cleanse.
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Daily Ritual

Make it a ritual.  Tick off your quota of leafy green vegetables with a daily dose of BOTANIC 1.

Powerfully alkalising and vitamin rich, with a cool grassy, herbal flavour.  Concentrated, live nutrition from green vegetables in their purest form.  Make this a part of your every day ritual; small changes to your daily diet like adding a green juice everyday can have a significant effect on your overall health and well being.

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