About the Lab

On a mission to reset the associations attached to raw juice, Botanic Lab is rewriting the rulebook on cold pressed nutrition, with an uncompromising commitment to authenticity, exceptional flavours and unique, functional herbal ingredients. The sweet spot is a marriage of function and freedom – delivering formulae that pack a punch, without pointing a finger at your lifestyle. Each Botanic Lab recipe is created around a central ‘hero’ ingredient gathered globally from the highest quality sources, carefully selected for the effect on the body alongside its health-giving properties. Optimum ratios are meticulously calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum flavour in mind. Less froth more function is the Botanic Lab creed.

All our organic juices and tonics are produced in The Lab, here in London. This means we deliver our complex recipes according to our own highly specialised methods - and ensures our rare, organic ingredients are treated with the meticulous care they deserve from kernel to cup. The result is superior quality and flavour, fresh to you.

Unique herbal formulae give the invigorating potions their distinctive flavours, while a hydraulic cold press method ensures that the meticulously sourced ingredients are delivered live and nutritionally intact.

botanic-diagram Cold Pressed juices

In order to ensure our juices can be consumed safely by everyone we use a process called High Pressure Processing (HPP). This kills bacteria and micro flora associated with fresh food and naturally extends the shelf life. HPP works by subjecting the finished sealed bottle to a high level of hydrostatic pressure for a few minutes whilst they are immersed in cold water. It is the same effect as subjecting food to an ocean depth of 60km deep. Unlike heat treatments, which kill enzymes and vitamins and reduces the nutritional value of the juice, HPP is an external process so the raw product itself is never touched. The absence of heat makes it possible to retain a raw, nutrient dense product with flavour fully intact, for an extended period of time. This is part of our commitment to utilise the latest in food technology to bring innovative and healthy drinks to you, our customers.