How it works

What's inside the bottles?

How does the program work?

  • You purchase a juice program that lasts either one, two or three days
  • We cold-press the juices on order, and you receive them on the next morning in a cool box
  • You can start the program right away, following the enclosed instructions. No need for preparation or changes to your daily routine
  • The juice programs are one-off, but we also offer regular subscription programs.

What are the benefits of a cleanse?

  • Our comprehensive juice programs work with your everyday busy modern life - think 'assisted fasting'
  • By giving the body digestive rest, you are creating a more efficient and fertile environment for its many natural physiological healing mechanisms to detox and repair cells, tissues and organs. See our blog post for more information.
    • It can also help you to build a taste for fresh produce and become accustomed to the increased vitality and greater mental clarity it bestows.

      Where do you ship?

      • At the moment, we only serve customers across the United Kingdom
      • Delivery is free on weekdays, and takes place 2 days after placing your order. (Saturday delivery is available for £12).
      • See our delivery terms for more details

      Can I taste the juices first?

      • If you would like to taste a few before embarking on a juice program, you can either pick one up at our London retailers, or find us at food pop-ups and festivals across the UK (we announce them on Twitter).

      See the juices