If you decide you no longer want your botanical goodness (hard to imagine but lets try) after ordering on the website please contact us as soon as possible via email so we can cancel your order.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on any cancellations made less than two full working days before the delivery date. If you wish to change your order or delivery details we will also require full confirmation, again via email no less than two days before the delivery date.

Refunds will only be offered on goods that are not delivered in line with our terms and conditions as outlined. To ensure you are happy with what has arrived, please check your parcel on the day it arrives and email us with any issues as soon as possible to allow us to rectify. Refunds will not be provided for late or delayed deliveries where the reason for the delay is beyond our control. All parcels are fully trackable on dispatch and we can help with any enquiries as we safely get your zen to your door.

South West Brands Ltd is operating Botanic Lab under licence.